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- The 160meters in Lagoon - by IV3MUC (in Italian)

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Mosquiteros experience

We’ve been long searching for a proper place where to be able to listen, a place away from man-produced noise. After all the target of the serious Dxer has always been to snatch weak signals from thin air, i.e. local radio stations from far away lands.

Indeed our need to find a place for our long BEVERAGES turned us to a more professional side so different from our activity of home-brewn listeners. Also, finding suitable infrastructures has helped us greatly in exploiting the appropriate equipment, as well as in entertaining a relatively small group of people.

After a short and unlucky experience in the Aquileia area, a flash of intuition (plus some friends) by mate Valter Comuzzi brought us to the "Bruno De CANDIDO"  airfield near Piancada in the province of Udine, north east Italy (45° 47’ 30” North – 13° 4’ 30” East). A lot of mosquitoes but also matchless quietness welcomed us.

At first we were hosted in a room of the local Flight School ‘Club Alistella’, when this was not busy with school participants. Then step by step our experience has got bigger and bigger, just imagine our early four or five sleepless rash attempts. Then a splitter previously tested in a Dxpedition in Sweden made the difference, along with home made switches
and a great deal of passion and determination.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT : Francesco Clemente, Elio Fior, Valdi Dorigo and Valter Comuzzi during one of our early sessions.

A great deal of achievements and some disappointments due to propagation have endowed these four years of night time expeditions to the ‘Friulana Lagoon’. Hard work too has been part of the picture: building in the evening and dismantling the next morning - not to hamper the activity of air traffic – has been common since then.

Nevertheless our listening techniques have been evolving and we can now boast new accessories, more suitable equipment for our demands and… new friends too! The initial group has widened to new enthusiasts and guests.

An important achievement was the participation of the ‘core group’ in three winter Dxpeditions to  PARKALOMPOLO  (Sweden) (67° 73’ North – 22° 85’ East), a sort of  Ph.D. in Dxing in the arctic silence of Swedish Lapland.



Comuzzi at PIA29 in the new room

Thanks to some restructuring in the airfield buildings in summer 2006  we now have a new exclusive room of our own,  solely devoted to our radio listening activity.

In spring 2007 we buried the greatest part of coaxial cables and we’ve been given the opportunity to permanently keep some antennas there!

The aim of this website is not to celebrate ourselves: it’s just to thank all the people that have been working for all these years to build an effective and warm structure for our hobby. And – last but not least –  we would like it to be a spur for all the people who want to venture new  listening paths, i.e. experience suitable locations for extreme listening.


Please note that our judgements and technical choices are completely unrelated to any business interest. Each and every activity in the now called ‘Mosquito Coast’ are to be intended as mere hobby achievements and suggestions, which are not fostered by any commercial target

(Thanks to Fabio TAGETTI for the translation of this page)

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